Monday, March 3, 2008

Going to the shooting range

So, Adam and I both had Friday off of work, and I wonder if you all can guess what we did… Come on… I know you can do it.. That’s right!! We went and shot guns!!!Adam seems to have some sort of new obsession with guns. He's always liked them, but now it is the only thing he wants to spend his money on, and all he talks about is the next gun he is going to buy. Many of you may already know that he bought me a 38 revolver last fall. I shot it once, and that is it. It is too powerful. At least that is my excuse for not being able to hit not only the target, but the paper all together. Haha. Well, a few weeks ago he decided it was time to get a gun for me that I might be able to shoot. He got me a Beretta 22... I have no idea what the numbers mean, but the gun is cute. :) And I like shooting it. I can actually hit what I aim at too, so that's good. Here are a couple of pictures of my target.

And for your viewing pleasure, here are a couple of pictures of my finger after it got pinched in the gun... Cause that was awesome. Hee hee. I also had a casing fly out of the gun and land in my shirt. By the way, in case some of you haven't seen the CSI where they bust the lady based on the casing down her shirt thing... IT BURNS LIKE CRAZY!!! Those suckers are HOT!

Go ahead, look really close. You'll see the damage. Haha. I hate our camera. It makes my injury look SOOOO insignificant.

Well, that's all I've got for now. TTYL!!! (That one is for Shane)


Ferran Fam said...

I saw your injury was pretty brutal...:)

Sager Fam said...

Adam sounds a lot like Shane. He loves to shoot guns and wants me to practice too. Our targets consisted of his shirt hanging in a tree though -- he still wears the shirt full of bullet holes :)

Devin & Toni Englestead said...

What Adam is obsessed with guns? Oh hell.... that cant be good. Be safe tone