Saturday, July 25, 2009

OK OK OK OK! I'm on it already!

This is for all of you who decided to complain about me not getting anything on here... I truly would have done it earlier if I had my computer, but I have not for the past 3 months.... I'm going to be honest though.. Our lives have not been too exciting. Yes, we moved, bought a house, got new jobs.... Whatever, it's all just life stuff. We're now in Cedar City. Adam got a job with the Forrest Service down here. He absolutely LOVES it. And we actually get to see each other almost every night!! It is summer though, so I still don't see him that much, but by fall he's gonna get sick of me real quick!! I got a job at Luxe Salon. It's so great. Just like what I came from. All the girls and guy are great. I guess we have done some fun things too though. Here are some pictures for you to see what we have been doing this summer.

My Birthday in April.

My Birthday brownie.

The blizzard we drove in when we were moving all our belongings.

Watching my nephew Blakely play baseball.

Camping trip for our anniversary at Ottercreek. This was our 1st trip with our camp trailer! YAY!

Watching Adam's cousin Ryan play Semi-Pro football in St. George. GO BLITZ!

Fishing with Maggie, and Adam on his float tube with a motor on it...
My newphew Trentin's kindergarden Graduation.
Cathcing Kitties, and MY NEW KITTY! Meet Clark Soper. My new baby.
Alright everyone, I know that people want pictures of the house too, but I don't have any... We're still kinda unsettled, and I don't really want to document that part... :) Maybe soon..


Dev and Tone said...

Good to hear from ya! You two are so cute!

Lindsey said... update!!! Can't wait for pictures of the house!!!

Michelle Tolboe said...

You're alive! Haha I miss your face!

Amber Ferran said...

Oh I'm so happy you posted! And aren't you totally surprised I didn't give you any crap about it yet??? I wanted to so much, but tried to be patient knowing you moved and whatnot. But gosh how I miss you! TONS!

Tamsyn said...

Yeah!! you are alive!!I am glad things are good!! I hope to see you sooner than later!

Mindy and Ryan said...

Adam youe beard is freakin nasty. You should have lived under a bridge until you shaved that thing. We're glad you guys moved closer so we can hang with our wang not out.

Cache, Kendra and Brock Miller said...

We pull our trailer with our Tacoma also.

The Max Family said...

Good to see an update :) I am super elious we moved away from cedar about 4 years ago and I have missed every day sence we have great friends still there and hope to venture back some day soon and call it home again!!

Kellyand Taylor Max

broni said...

I am excited to see a picture of your house.. I miss you....... And thank you for coming to my wedding and doing hair. I just love you
Love Roni

aelster02 said...

Dear Tone,
Please tell Adam to come to my house so that I can hold him down and SHAVE that nasty beard.

Lindsey said...

ok so i am still waiting on the pictures of the house????