Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Stuff

Well, it seems that my dear friend Amber is totally unsatisfied with my ability to blog lately... Haha. I guess I have done a few things since last time. There was the Balloon festival in Panguitch.... In June.... Without Adam. That's when he was in California.

Balloons in the daytime.

Balloons during "The Glow". When it gets dark they don't take off. They just line them all up on the main streets and light them up. Super cool!

And then there was the 24th of July in Panguitch... But I don't have any pictures cause Adam has the camera and I forgot to download them before he left. It was super fun though! We watched the parade on the 24th, and then we had a surprise party for Adam's mom right after. It was so fun! She had no idea!! Then we went camping Friday and Saturday. We had to come back Saturday night cause Adam works Sundays now. We just drove out to Adam's work and I spent the night there.... Can we say FLASHBACK?? We had to sleep in a twin bed. Haha.

And then there was the other night. I know you are all going to be UBER JEALOUS!!! My amazing friend Anika called me on Sunday and asked if I would go to a concert with her. A Chris Issak concert... Haha. Well, I went and it actually ended up being really fun! He is a great entertainer. Other than the millions of middle aged women scantily dressed, (I really could have gone without that), and the young girls slutily dressed, it was a blast!!! Anika bought a picture for him to sign, and after fighting off a few line cutters, we finally got to shake hands with the legend. Hee hee.
The first picture is of, yep... you guessed it... CHRIS ISAAK!
The second is obviously Anika the model and myself.
That is just about all I've got at this point. Adam is in Wyoming right now for 2 weeks, and he took the camera, so you can't expect much from me. :)


Dev and Tone said...

Hey! have not talked to you in a while... how is everything going? I wish I would have known that you were here for the balloons. I swear so many people come that I hardly see anyone through the crowds. Do you guys have any new plans for this winter... or just same ol'? I agree with your friend... you should blog more so that I can see what your up to!

Katie Jo said...

Hey Tone!!! This is Katie... Ash's friend from St. George! You and your hubby are SO CUTE! When Ash told me last year you were getting married I was so excited for you! That sucks he's gone all the time... it's good you keep yourself busy with Chris Isaak! HAHA That's awesome! I have a blog but it's set to private so email me your email address and I'll add you on there!!!! LATER.. Katie!

Anika said...

OH! I ever so love your description of the Chris Isaak concert! Those stupid slutty line cutters! Luckily Chris gave them the shaft! You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ferran Fam said...

Thank you for the new post! :) Chris Isaak eh? I know you secretly want him bad. Again, thank for the post. You are so pretty...seriously, geez!

Dev and Tone said...

Hellooo! Yes Yes I would love to take your Christmas card picture! Where are you going to be for Thanksgiving... cause if your going to be down here we could get together then.... I have some really cute ideas for Christmas pics! Well Devin applied for Filmore but we have not heard anything on it.... it has not closed yet so we don't know. WE DON'T KNOW WHERE WE ARE GOING. It is driving me nuts! Devin would be quite content just living here in Panguitch for the rest of his life but I am so not up for that. We have applied for a few places and just starting to hear back so hopefully we will get a job soon :) WoW I just vented to you... sorry about that, it just kept coming out! Ha Ha, is Adam coming down for any hunts this year?