Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I miss Adam.... Alot

Adam has had 2 weeks off of work, and still I didn't manage to get any pictures. Here is what happened in those 2 weeks.

1. We went to the Hogle Zoo!! This was the first time I have been to a zoo since I was like 2.... (Not including this weird Moose zoo, family activity park place in Norway) It was actually pretty fun. We went with Adam's cousin Austin and his girlfriend Callie. This is when I realized that I am pretty sure I am obsessed with monkeys. They are HILARIOUS!! And freakishly a lot like us humans... It's really funny to watch them. One was eating a carrot like it was the most amazing thing it had ever tasted. And the other monkey in the cage with it was just watching... And then walked away and acted like he didn't care. SO funny! Then we passed the wolf. Yes, one lone wolf... She was howling like crazy. It was kinda sad. As we were all commenting on this, the lady standing next to us proceeded to let us know that "they" are in the process of finding her a mate. (I'm not sure who "they" are) When Austin asked her if she worked there, she said "No, I just come everyday". Umm.... Yeah... Then we saw the giraffes. How freaking AWESOME are those animals!! 3 of them pooped right in a row. As if on cue. Hee hee. That's the only exciting thing they did. And last we went to see the elephants. BUT THEY WERE PUT AWAY FOR WINTER!!! Hello... Contrary to what the weather is telling us, it is no longer winter!! Needless to say, we were a little disappointed.

2. We didn't do anything else. :) And now Adam is back at work, and staying there till Thursday night... I am so sad. I have to be alone in this place, and sleep by myself for 3 nights.... 1 down, 2 to go. So, if you feel the need, text me and make sure I'm not dying of loneliness...


Devin & Toni Englestead said...

I feel for ya tone, I hate being alone to. To bad Dev and Adam were not gone the same days and we could just party together! Sorry this comment does not have to many words to make ya feel better. But it is good to see that you blogged!

Anika said...

Come up and play with me! We'll go to Chili's again... and watch YouTube football fights! And talk to Nate about girl stuff! lol! Oh and I am laughing so hard about your Hogle Zoo experience... "Not sure who 'they' are"! LMAO! Anyway... I am pretty much obsessed with you too... like a lot. Seriously.