Monday, February 13, 2012


Yep, I suck at this... It really just seems that the older Jack gets, the harder it gets to keep up on ANYTHING!! Geez... And to top it off, now we've gone and added another munchkin to it.. Well, not quite here yet obviously, but as of this summer, just get used to no blogging from this girl. Then you will be pleasantly surprised if it does happen. :)

So, since August, nothing has really happened..... HA. Well, really nothing TOO exciting has happened. We had the holidays, and that was super fun this year, but instead of trying to recap the past 6 months, I'll just post some pictures and try to be better..... Again... :)

The mess that was Christmas morning..

Looks like we have ourselves an artist

Ice fishing for the first time!!


Still LOVES to take a bath. Even if it's noon, and he's already had a shower for the day..

I sure hope I can be better at keeping everyone updates. Especially my family in Norway... I promise I really will try harder. I'm not saying you'll actually get more posts... Just that I'll try harder... Haha. I know, I know.... Do or do not, there is no try... We'll all just have to see how I do. Love you all!