Saturday, November 13, 2010

From picures till now..

I am horrible at keeping this updated lately, I know. In my defense though, we really don't do anything. Adam is finally back to a normal schedule so we are enjoying the weekends together. This summer was quite uneventful. Jack was so little that we really didn't do much. My sister and her family came to visit in September, and we went to Sand Hollow. Since I am horrile at taking pictures I got about 2 while we were there...

Ok... I got 3... Haha

I gave Jack his first haircut too... It was so funny. He just sat there. Didn't even flinch! He did try to turn around to see what I was doing, but that's it!

We also have had Halloween. Jack's first. It was super fun. We went to Panguitch so we could see his cousins Aiden and Ashton. I didn't get any pictures of them together (OF COURSE!), but we did get a shot of Jack with his super cute girlfriend.

We also carved pumpkins with our favorites, Kurtney.. (Kurt and Whitney)

Here's Adam's pumpkin on Clarks head.. This poor cat lets us do whatever we want to him.. (And yes... Adam's pumpkin is supposed to be a butt...)

Jack got his first taste of the pool too! He LOVED it! The water was a little cold, so we didn't stay long. We're super excited to take him again though...

The week before Thanksgiving we went up to Salt Lake for an EMT conference for Adam. We had a lot of fun. I got to see my friends. I really miss them all a ton... We went to a hockey game one night. I don't have any pictures because Jack SCREAMED the whole time. It was way too loud for him.. Poor buddy. We also went to a BYU football game. Jack did much better there. He fell asleep for some of it. We made it through most of the game before he was just plain done.

Thanksgiving was fun. We went to Panguitch this year. For some reason I only took 2 pictures. Just of Jack... So this is Jack on his first Thanksgiving! He was so happy all weekend. It was really fun.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving my brother blessed his little girl and baptized his boy. We got to go share the experience with them and it looks like Jack and Brekka are gonna be great friends!

We are all looking forward to Christmas. I love December. It is such a fun month. I've been getting some of our decorations up, but we don't have our tree yet, so I have been a little lazy about it. Adam is going to get it for us this weekend, so I got the stand ready with the tree skirt. Clark seems to be pretty excited about it..

I'll try my best to be better at keeping up on this... Here are a couple more pictures for good measure...


broni said...

I loooooved seeing you.. And I just love that little boy

Lindsey said...

Ok so i looked at the picture of the baby girl and she looks like she could be yours...but then i read it and it all makes sense lol!