Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Soper Christmas Vacation

It has been brought to my attention that I am taking WAY too long to post.... And I truly am sorry. Here it is. The long awaited post (Amber), and it's all about CHRISTMAS!!! My favorite! We had a fabulous Christmas vacation. As most of you all know, we have a busy traveling vacation always. We have lots of places to go, lots of people to see and LOTS of miles to drive. I have informed Adam that as soon as we have kids, it's just not happening like this anymore. (Haha... Yeah RIGHT!) We started out driving down to Hurricane on the 23rd and stayed with my brother and sister in law. We got there really late, but not to late to have our oh so fantastic artichoke party. It's not really a party. We just eat artichokes. It's our favorite. Then on Christmas Eve we took a last trip into St. George for some shopping at Sportman's. This is where I oh so slyly bought Adam a red-dot scope without him knowing. (Thanks a million for all the scheming Darrell and Treen). Then we went to my mom's house for her famous Christmas Eve Norwegian style Crown Roast Dinner. Yum.... I'm drooling just thinking about it. Then we opened presents!! YAY! My brothers boys were so excited they weren't even hungry... It was an amazing night. I always look forward to this meal. It bring back the traditions of being a kid for me. The years I spent in Norway were so fun, and I love that we can have this night together with my family.

Me with my mom's Tree
Adam and me at my mom's house
The Women
Me and my buddy, Blakely
Cutie Cleo
Blakely, Trina and Darrell. Enjoying a delicious Norwegian Cookie. (I can't remember the name of it...)

On Christmas Day we woke up at my brother's house and enjoyed watching the boys open their presents. They both got bikes from Santa!!! Among all sorts of other super cool toys. Some nerf guns... There was a war...And I don't even know what else. :) After that we loaded up and drove to Cedar City to Susie's house (That's Adam's mom) Then we opened MORE presents. We got food storage from Susie and Burt. SUPER AWESOME!! And our "stockings" were ginormous bags filled with all sorts of goodies and awesome stuff. I also got a new purse, and my super amazing Adam got me exactly what I wanted.... BOWLING STUFF! I was so excited! I got a ball, a bag and shoes! Now I don't have to wear stinky rentals anymore!!!!! Adam got a new collectors edition of Roger Rabbit and the New Kids on the Block CD. Haha. He does the dance totally perfect. It's awesome. Maybe one day he'll let me record it.... For now you just have to imagine :) WE spent the rest of the day just hanging out. Susie does a crab boil for Christmas dinner. We eat it southern style, so it's all just dumped on the table and you eat as much as you can. I wish I had a picture, but I don't.... Ha That night we went to see "Marley and Me". Cutest movie EVER! I bawled.... It's true. I did. Like a baby. Then I cuddled with Maggie the Dog and Alan the cat....

The next day we did a little shopping and hung out some more. Very relaxing. On Saturday we drove over the mountain to Panguitch. We bought a camp trailer from Susie, and we pulled it over there. Again, I wish I had a picture, but I just didn't get one. No clue why...... We got to Panguitch and once the trailer was unloaded we went Ice Fishing!!!! YEAH!!! I love going ice fishing. It is so calm and just relaxed. Unfortunately only 3 of the 8 of us caught anything... There were also all too small to keep. But that's ok. I still had fun.
Adam all bundled up on Panguitch Lake
Here is everyone... Ashley (in the pink) is sleeping.... And STILL managed to be one of only 3 that caught anything
My fishing hole
Ashley's fish.

After Ice fishing we opened even MORE presents from Adam's dad. He got us a Wii!!! For real! And that night Grandma MarLyn decided we were having a bowling tournament. Here are some video highlights. :)

I LOVE THESE FAMILIES I HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anika said...

I MISS YOU. I LOVE YOU. NEED TO PLAY SOON. CHRIS ISAAK!? JK! I was laughing so hard about the artichoke comment... "Well, it's not really a party. We just eat artichokes." LOL! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Amber Ferran said...

Thank you so much for this post! And wow, you guys got hooked up on Christmas! Wii, bowling stuff...freaking food storage??? Awesome, I know where we'll go when we need food, since we are dumb and have NO food storage. :) I'm so happy you had so much fun over Christmas! I love you Tone!!!

Dev and Tone said...

Looks like fun! Miss you guys, Tell Adam hi from us. And Its good to see ya bloggen' you need to post more, so we can see what your up to!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tone, looks like you had a super fun Christmas!!! Happy New Year!!!!

Jamie C.

Amber Ferran said...

Okay so I just watched the videos on this post...HILARIOUS! Now is that Adam's mom and dad, or grandparents??? Either way-so funny! The Wii is the coolest! Peace, love

The Hughes' said...

Love that grandma and grandpa soper...wish we could have been there to see them bowl the wii. can't wait to be closer and part of the fam again!

Lindsey said...

Hey! Did you know that your page is screaming....update me??!!