Wednesday, June 11, 2008


1- Adam John Soper
2- Rainy days
3- Music

1- The dark. It used to only be outside, but now that I have to be at home alone a lot, it's in my house too... At least in my condo I can pretend like the sounds are from the neighbors. What am I going to do when I'm in a house!!!!
2- Losing Adam... In any way, shape or form.
3- The water. I hate deep waters. And I can swim, but I have nightmares about drowning...

1- To read the Harry Potter books. (Adam tells me I HAVE to... Ha ha)
2- To actually go on a vacation that we talk about... Everything ALWAYS falls through for us!!!
3- To fold the laundry that is currently waiting for me.... :)

Current Obsessions
1- Twilight books. And I swore I would never read them. They are actually really good though.
3- Adam John Soper

Random Surprising Fact
1- My OCDish tendencies. Ok, so that might not be SURPRISING to a lot of you, but it is random. The main part of it being food smells. I hate cooking, cause I can't stand it when my house smells like food. I cannot touch ANY foods that might have a smell that would linger on my hands after washing. And I 100% HATE it when anyone in the same restaurant as me orders fajitas... Cause I can smell it in my hair and on my clothes when I leave. And yes, when that happens, I usually have to go home and shower immediately.
2- When I was a kid, I was a toe head blond.... And now I am soooo far from blond. :)
3- I used to be a local band groupie. Adam still teases me about it.... But regardless of what he says, I still love all my band friends. :)

Ok... I tag Anika, Jess, Amber, Jen, Arica, Mendy, Andrea, and Mandie!!! YAY!!


Devin & Toni Englestead said...

well..... me and dev were going to try to go to europe (paris & Venice, maybe rome) either feb or march. And we were wondering if you guys would be even a little interested.... its ok if your not. Just wondering, we were thinking about asking colt if he wanted to go to. But dont worry at all if you dont want to, but let me know if you are and I will sent you the itinerary number so you can look it up. But hope your doing good, I went and talked to Mandy and she is letting me do massage at her shop this summer , YaY!

Mikelle said...

Tone! I haven't seen you forever. It's like a hair school reunion on here. I love your wedding pic you look gorgueos!

Anika said...

Ton! That was so fun to read. I just got tagged on this and did it like 2 weeks ago. I am laughing so freaking hard about your food OCD... I will remember NEVER to order fajitas when I am with you! LOL! Don't worry... I don't like them. LOVE YOU!

THE YOUNGS said...

ah crap! ..ok so i don't really mind. but anyway, i'm glad you love whiskeymilita too! how fabulous! alright you better read my post on this stuff or ELSE! ps.. i still miss you.

Jake Toolson said...

uh when did you get a blog and why didn't you tell us?! :(


The Max Family said...

tone :)
This Is Kelly and Taylor I saw your blog info on Linz's blog and had to catch up and see how you have been, I am so glad to see you that you are happy and doing well.Taylor and I are doing well we live in northern cali and have two girls together and Skylee is now 9 and lives with her mom and step dad in Provo.Keep in touch!!!
Kelly Max