Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hooray for a New Year!

Well friends and family, it is officially 2008. I can't believe it. We have been married for 8 months now. The one year mark is coming up... CRAZY!! Seems like just yesterday I was bawling over wedding plans and cancelled photagraphers.. I am so happy to start a new year, but the end of last year was a blast. We went down to southern Utah and spent alot of time in the car visiting everyone we could. We were spoiled by everyone and got all the wonderful presents we could ever dream of. Adam got a remote control helicopter and a fish camera from his dad.... He was like a little kid, he was so excited. And of course Susie hooked him up with the feather bed he has been wanting. The pillowtop mattress wasn't soft enough. Hah. I was spoiled with all sorts of stuff for the house, and my moms banana bread recipe. YES!!! We had a blast everywhere we went, but at my brothers house there were kids, so of course it was the most entertaining. I will just have to show you with a few pictures to prove it to you...

Here are Blakely and Trentin. We let them open ONE present before dinner... And as we were waiting for everyone to be ready, Blakely coudn't wait. It was pretty funny.

Aren't we a cute couple? And I know you all love the chops he's got goin on...

This is me and Trentin. My cuddle bug. I just love him.

Yeah.... I don't even really know what to say. On Christmas morning when the kids were done opening presents, Adam fell asleep in his footie pj's with the family dog on his tummy... Unfortunately he woke up just as I was taking the picture. He had to make sure that he was not only covering his own face, but Baby's face too.

The holidays were great. It was really fun to see as much of the family as we got to, but that is all over now, and it's back to the routine. I love my routine... :) Love you all!

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Anika said...

Adam cracks me up! Looks like you guys had fun! I miss you! Let's do lunch or something very soon! Love ya!