Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Blog

Well, here is our blog. I (Tone) was told to do this, so I did. Haha. Anika... This is for you. :) Now you know how loved you are. I don't even know what to say here... Not yet at least. I am totally going to have to get used to this. All I know is that I've got it all set up... At least for now. And we are pretty boring, so I don't know who will read it, but at least we are trying. Trying to be cool. Trying to be hip. Haha. In all reality we are somewhat retarded.. And you would all know what I mean if you were in the same room as Adam right now. I think I just almost wet myself.... AAAAAAHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Look out... WE ARE HERE!!! THE SOPERS!!

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The Tolboes said...

Hey! Thanks for joining the blogging team! :) So that is a cute picture of you two. Or should I say three? ( love the lady in the background ) ha ha. Love you lots and lots!!